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Electric Smoke app for iPhone and iPad

4.7 ( 177 ratings )
Lifestyle Entertainment
Developer: Nico Becherer
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.60, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 18 Dec 2008
App size: 2.28 Mb

Tried to quit countless time and it never worked because the urge to inhale was just to strong?

Here is your solution. Electric Smoke for the iPhone features a complete and realistic smoking simulation with physically based computation of smoke and countless statistics that will help you to see the daily benefits of a life without smoking.

Electric Smoke is so realistic, that you won‘t feel the difference between a real cigarette and the iPhone simulation. Well - we‘re still working on the smell :-).

It‘s so realistic - it is even possible to ignite the cigarette by using the Sonic Lighter from Smule. Or light other cigarettes with your already burning cigarette. All that is possible through the phenomenal sonic transmission technology built into Electric Smoke.

But Electric Smoke is a game as well - challenge your friends who has the bigger lungs - who can smoke faster and who can smoke more. Without ever fearing for your good health.

+ Realistic, physically based smoke simulation
+ Breath detection through the iPhone Microphone
+ Smoke faster if you breath in harder
+ Fantastic Full Screen Anti Aliased 3D Graphics
+ Countless Statistics
+ Ignition of other Apps through sonic transmission
+ Smoke Cigars, Cigarettes or Hand Rolleds
+ Control the smoke through touching the screen.
+ Displays random facts on the bad consequences of smoking
+ Smoke density is adjustable through the iPhone settings menu.
+ Throw ashes by tipping your iPhone

Watch a demonstration video on youTube under or by clicking the application URL link in the appstore.

Pros and cons of Electric Smoke app for iPhone and iPad

Electric Smoke app good for

It would be super cool (and more realistic) if the ash end of the cigarette would grow longer as you smoke and when you tap the screen, the ashes would fall off! And even make a litter of ashes on the screen as it falls off. Oh, and this app actually helps me deal with my cravings, when Im at work, I load up this app and let it sit on the side, watching the cigarette slowly burn away in the corner of my eye, and take a drag once in a while, it helps me meditate my cravings away.
Its a vert interesting app, but the entertainment value isnt worth the $1.99. I had some fun with it for about three days, and the stats are very cool. But I dont smoke, I wouldnt pay for real smokes, let alone fake ones.
if your really really bored and there is nothing you can do go for it besides that dont bother
I like it because it shows how far technology has come but then again it shows how low the creaters would go to get ratings.
I think the only things the app needs right now are exhaling, shorter burn down, slower on the cigar, and definately exhale. LOVE THIS APP GREAT JOB

Some bad moments

Got this app before for my iPod touch and it worked when I used the headphones microphone, but now when I payed 2 bucks for it on the iPhone 4 the microphone breath recognition wont work. Nothing wrong with my mic and I tried using earphone mic to no avail. They have no calibration option or help for this either. Dont buy if you have an iPhone 4.
I got my new iPhone 6 two days ago and there is nothing wrong with it. These app just not working for iPhone 6. It needs to be fix or I want my money back! ! ! I dont really care about the $1.99. I just dont wanna waste my money on a god dam freaking icon! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Please make this for the itouch. I live this but Id love it more if we could inhale on the itouch.....
This is a really weird app which I dont get the point of. It is one of the worst apps I have ever purchased and would never even download it again even if it was free. I dont smoke so I dont really get the purpoose of it but maybe somebod out there will?
Needs to look like youre actually blowing smoke out not the cigarette also not worth money.
Did I seriously just accidentaly spent two dollars on this???? I thought it was free!!!! I want my money back!